Serving Edmonton since 2004, Syphay brings fragrant and exotic dishes from Thailand & Laos to you.

Photos by Martin Phung


The name "Syphay" comes from the owners Sye and Phay Sayaphet who run the restaurant with their three amazing daughters Katherine, Anita and Shawna. We are a family-owned restaurant, and have been serving Edmontonians since 2004!

We value authenticity and great flavour in our dishes, and provide kind and welcoming service. Our specialties are our Pad Thai, Tohm Yum & Tohm Kha soup and offer a variety of delicious curries like Green Curry and Thai Phanang Curry.

We are proud to have opened another Syphay Restaurant in downtown Edmonton in the summer of 2013, located on 94 Street and Jasper Ave.

Come in to Syphay Restaurant for a great Thai and Lao experience you won't forget!




6010 104 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6H 2K3
(780) 438-8338

9441 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5H 3T8
(780) 423-4241



M-F  11:30am – 2pm
         5pm – 9pm
Sa    5pm – 9pm
Su    Closed

  • The Pad Thai was particularly gigantic…It was delightfully flavourful, with perfectly cooked noodles and a sauce that wowed us
  • …a wide range of Thai and Laotian cuisine—and the green curry is an example of a more complicated melding of flavours.
  • Nothing, except perhaps a vacation, could have reminded me more of my nearly forgotten love of Thai food than Syphay